What is Accelerated Healing?

Healing is the natural force of life restoring its perfection. This miraculous process is slowed down or blocked by old emotional memories trapped in the body. We swipe them out with a magnet so you can feel your perfection instantly returning. Sign up (right) for a free session to experience it for yourself. We clear emotional and physical pain, and whatever blocks your finances and intimacy. If you feel stuck in some way, allow us to clear it fast!

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James G

James Gilmore

Financial Investor
Working with Joa and Maqua on the Love Journey Radio Show, on their group Accelerated Healing calls, and in private sessions has been exquisitely fabulous!  I am so much more peaceful and present in my body, far less in my head and naturally in my heart. Both my love life and career are going through the most positive transformation. We cleared the inner obstacles to my abundance.  Now, transactions are happening for me to receive large sums of money and I can see my dream of being financially free and a philanthropist for spiritual organizations is coming true!  They also supported me with speaking my truth to have a profound clearing with my business partners for more harmony, unity and partnership that better honors myself as well as them. After having several marriages, followed by years of being single, Joa and Maqua cleared my “heart wall emotions”. Then a beautiful woman from China I had not heard from in for over a year, contacted me. We talked on Skype and agreed for her to come in the United States to start a relationship with me. Now we are very happily living together as soul mates having a higher consciousness relationship! I encourage you to experience this life changing work! James Gilmore, Sacramento California

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